How to make your own yogurt?

It is super easy to make your own yogurt, and one of the best things to that is: When you do, you are 100 percent in control of what goes into your mouth. You know every single ingredient in this yogurt and you will be very much surprised to hear, there are not many ingredients needed. Compare to what you sometimes read on the ingredient list of mass produced yogurts.

I’ve been making my own yogurt already for a few times and I don’t think I will ever go back to buying yogurt. This homemade yogurt is seriously good and it only takes 10 min maximum to make it. It tastes so delicious pure but you can combine it with some Granola for breakfast, or turn it into Raita or Tzatziki. The method is super basic and no fancy incubating equipment is needed. You can make a batch tonight and have homemade yogurt for breakfast by tomorrow morning! Does that sound good to you?


1) All you need to make homemade yogurt is a cooking pot, a glass jar, half a liter of full fat milk (3.5% or 3.8% fat) and a tablespoon of plain full fat (cream) yogurt. For the yogurt, either Greek or regular yogurt is fine, but avoid any flavorings; stick to plain, unsweetened and unflavored yogurt.

2) Decide how much yogurt you want to make and choose the jar size according to it. Do not make too much yogurt as it only stays fresh for 3-5 days with no preservatives added.

3) Bring the milk to boil and remove the pot from the stove. Let the milk cool down for approx 10 min.

4) Add a tablespoon from the yogurt to the lukewarm milk and stir it around for a minute.

5) The yogurt must be blend in the milk smoothly. Then pour the milk yogurt mix in the jar.

6) Put the lid on on the jar but don't close it tightly. Leave the jar overnight on the kitchen counter. Taaaadaaa, the next morning, you have yogurt. Close the lit tightly and put the yogurt jar in the fridge. Let it cool a bit and then after one or two hours, you can eat your homemade yogurt. BON APPETIT.

Compatible food combining:

Add some dried fruits, nuts or roasted coconut flakes to your yogurt for breakfast. To sweeten it a bit, you can add some honey or vanilla flavor. Up to you.

Incompatible food combining:

Poor food combining can produce indigestion, fermentation, putrefaction and gas formation and, if prolonged, can lead to diseases. For example: Don't eat together yogurt with fresh fruits and hot drinks, like coffee or tea. Though many so called healthy cafés offer attractive looking yogurt and fresh fruit bowls, it is not recommended and confusing for our digestive system. Ayurveda clearly advises against taking milk products with fresh fruits.

More guidelines about compatible and incompatible food combining you can find here

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