An inexpensive nutritious cocktail for your houseplants

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Rice is a staple food here in Asia. Did you know, the starch that is leftover in the water after rinsing the rice promotes healthy bacterial growth to soil? The minerals in the starch add small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the soil. After learning this by reading different articles about gardening and organic fertilizer I give all my plants this nutritious cocktail of rice water.

Nitrogen deficiency leads to yellowish leaves.

Phosphorus deficiency leads to impaired plant growth. Hence, phosphorus deficient plants may mature at a slower rate.

Potassium deficiency plants show brown scorching and curling leaf tips.

The big plus for me in this is I am able to #Reuse water that would have otherwise been thrown away. Just rinse the rice in the container of your rice cooker or normal cooking pot as usual and save the water, to water your houseplants with this potion.

It would work as well with the starch from pasta and potato water but it must be unsalted water. I just wonder who cook noodles or pasta unsalted? Maybe sometimes you cook potatoes with skin, peel and salt it later? That would work, then you can use this water as well to water your plants at home.

Your plants will be grateful for this extra care and nutritious treatment. At least once a week my plants get the rice cocktail. 🌿

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