Keep your mind tidy and clear

As much it is important to clean and keep our environment, homes and ourselves (physical body) tidy and clean, it is if not most important, necessary to keep our mind (mental body) tidy and clean.

There are of course myriad ways to achieve it, for example through different yoga and meditation practices, exercise, hiking, spending time outdoor, very beneficial in a green surrounding and so on. If outdoor or outside activities are not possible, you can clean up your desktop and computer.

A clean desktop not only makes things easier to find, it is as well pleasing to look at and doesn’t cause stress, distraction, disorientation, and creativity blockage. Being surrounded by digital clutter can be overwhelming. That's why it is important to schedule a purge 2-3 times a year to clean up at least your computer desktop.

All too often, my computer desktop serves as a dumping ground for all kinds of random screenshots, photos and documents. No matter how many times I try to keep it in order, it often becomes messy again.

Another advantage of cleaning and organizing your desktop/computer is, deleting no longer needed files and storage old data onto an external drive, makes your computer faster again.

How to clean your desktop? The best solution is to put your documents in the Finder or Windows Explorer. If you have numerous files, you can put them in separate folders and label them accordingly.

Cleaning your desktop makes your computer run faster again. Files you use often, you can create shortcuts on your desktop. In my case I only have two folders left after cleaning my desktop. All the other files, photos and screenshot are in my Finder in different folders.

My desktop after cleaning. Looks peaceful to me.

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