Yoga is so much more than asanas.



(external personal disciplines)


(external conduct to live in harmony with others)

(physical postures)

(breathing practices)


(detaching from the sense organs)

(one pointed concentration)


Mantra Chanting

(selfless service)

My Story


I started my yoga journey 2012 here in Bangkok. I did never yoga before and to make it clear from the beginning, I am not a yoga teacher, nor is it my intention to become one. I am a happy and vivid yoga practitioner and just sharing my personal experience here. Yoga cannot be learnt, it can only be felt. It is an experiential study through observation and constantly going inward.

At the beginning I thought as most people still do, yoga is mainly a physical practice of asanas. I thought yoga is just another exercise to lose weight and stay tuned. But such false knowledge is the responsibility of a yoga teacher.

The practice of asanas is actually a warm-up for the main practice of breathing because it is pranayama that brings the deep relaxation to the body and mind.

It is therefore important for everyone who wants to experience real yoga to seek a good teacher who is capable of teaching the whole yoga spectra and not only one or two out of it.

I am grateful after a few tryouts of yoga studios and yoga teachers to have found my yoga haven and yoga teacher of trust here in Bangkok.

My yoga studio of choice and trust is Divine Yoga, Bangkok, co-founded, lead and guided by Sanjiv Chaturvedi.

No other practice can relax me, the way yoga can. 🙏🏼