Healthy Living in Thailand

The most healthiest way to eat and be respectful to our environment is, to eat locally, organically and seasonally. When you eat in season, fruits contain the most nutrition. Eating in season also tends to diversify your diet. You will find yourself experimenting with other foods when they come in to the market. Most local farmers markets operate only seasonally, so you won't get everything you want or crave for. However, if you shop at local and organic farmers' markets, naturally you will eat in season and get the food with the most full nutritional potential. This is not automatically given in supermarkets, where you can find a lot of imported food out of season and with a huge carbon footprint behind it.

Besides what is a food’s nutritional value if it’s been artificially ripened en route to Thailand? Or if it’s been sprayed with chemical preservatives to make it last the journey? Fruits which are imported also needs to be picked earlier. This is to prevent its ripening on the journey, which has an impact on the flavour. For instance strawberries picked up before their prime time most definitely aren’t as sweet as strawberries picked up fresh from a local farm.

Another very bad side effect of imported food is, the longer the journey, the more chances of bruised and spoilt food. That means more packaging is needed to protect the food. We might buy it in the supermarket loose but to get there it’s most likely been wrapped in reams of packaging. Ask yourself is it worth to pay more for imported food, which has not the best taste, not the full nutritional potential, is most likely treated with chemicals and has a huge negative effect on climate change?

Thailand has an abundance of local produce. Why choose anything from anywhere else?


To know which fruits in Thailand are best to eat in which month, or are in season, I made these fruit charts below (3 in total). Click on the picture to enlarge it. I hope you like it and find some use in it. If you like to have a print friendly version mail me or send me a quick message and I will send you a print friendly version.

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