"Your life, your goals, your dreams, your passion, all need you to be healthy, so please focus on your personal health and the health of the environment first."

About me


"I’m Helena and Namaste Thailand is my creative space for sharing tips, ideas and thoughts, DIY’s recipes, and much more about my simple, sustainable and slow-paced life in Bangkok.

Originally I am from Germany but living for 14 years in Bangkok with my husband and our two boys (14 and 12 years). Living eco-friendly in Bangkok a decade back was not as easy. No one cared about plastic consumption or air quality. But as it got worse with time, people are now more aware of it and are willing to replace and reduce plastic in their daily life and make adjustments to more earth-friendly products and living.

With my page, I hope to give some practical content on this website and social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) to help you make informed decisions to reduce your waste, improve your life, and have a positive impact on people and the planet.

My yoga philosophy


"I've learned I have everything I need to connect with myself and regain control over my life."

Find inspiration for a living with less waste.

Live more sustainably by reducing your waste and carbon footprint.